Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society

The Sci-Fi Ball

Southampton • Fri 07 Feb 2020 - Sun 09 Feb 2020

Full 3-day weekend away in the city of Southampton, packed full of everything Sci-Fi related; Workshops, guest talks, pub quizzes, competitions, autograph & photo signings, auctions, ceremonies, 3 night time Sci-Fi related parties!


Friday 7th February - Sunday 9th February 2020
NOTE: The event officially ends Sunday midnight, so it is recommended that you stay until Monday morning


The Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton 



The entire event is a massive 3-day charity ball raising vital funds to help the extraordinary work of the TEENAGE CANCER TRUST.

What Happens?

Depending on the type of ticket you purchase (explained further down) - it is basically 3 full days of everything Sci-Fi related!
This is a unique event as this is just not about getting an autograph and hearing a talk. You can ask the guest a question, or questions. There is so much included in your ticket price including one of the friendliest convention crowds going. 
You can get to mingle with the guests and the parties are outstanding. When they say games, they mean amazing games like real life Hungry Hippos (people instead of hippos), Blockbusters and many more all with sci-fi or fantasy themes.  
There are dealers’ rooms to buy stuff, exhibitions and games playing spaces where you can play retro computer games. There is even a screening room if you want to lay back & watch stuff. There is so much to see and do it’s hard to get to everything.  
Note that the Ball on Saturday night is themed and you are expected to wear either fancy dress, ball gowns & DJs or something smart. Casual clothes are not allowed except if part of a costume, eg Marty McFly. (BALL IS ONLY INCLUDED ON SILVER TICKET, AFTER-PARTY IS STILL OPEN)
You will never forget your Ball experience. The hotel has a swimming pool too and is by a huge shopping mall with loads of restaurants and cafes if you want to venture outside of the hotel.

Guest Stars?

The Sci-Fi Ball releases each guest star one at a time, especially as we approach the Ball and they are able to find stars who are willing to come for the charitable cause (Teenage Cancer Trust). 
A few major stars who have attended the ball in the PAST few years: Patrick Stewart, George Takei, Marina Sirtis, Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, Sean Pertwee, and MANY more!  
So far, the first two major guest stars that have been released for next year’s Sci-fi ball are Marina Sirtis (Troi in Star Trek), Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh in Battlestar Galatica)!

Event Parties?

As already mentioned, the ball is jam packed full of things to do during the daytime, but the night time events are the best part!
(NOTE, night time events are ALCOHOLIC, but you do not need to drink if you do not wish to)

Friday Night: Opening Ceremony, Raffle, Friday Barn Dane Party, Disco
Saturday Night w/ Silver Ticket: Wonderland Ball Banquet, Cabaret, Grand Cosplay competition, Raffle
Saturday Night w/ Bronze Ticket: Wonderland Ball Party, Disco
Sunday Night: Closing Ceremony, Geekheads Game, Karaoke, Marvel v DC Party, Disco



Bronze Ticket:
This is the most beneficial ticket for us students! Not only for its price but the possibility of a SPECIAL DEAL if we meet the 20 people mark.
The public price for the Bronze Ticket is £145 - but conferring with the Event Organiser for the Sci-Fi Ball, Brett Jones, has offered a 50% deal for every person on the ticket price if 20 people or more sign up.
That would then be £72.5 ! 

How this will work... There is a £20 deposit, this is to gather information on everyone who is definitely interested and available to attend this event, and everyone will be notified once we reach 20 people signed up.
This deposit WILL be refunded in the event that we don't reach this number of people.
If twenty people have been attained, paying the rest of the ticket price will become available. 


Silver Ticket, Gold Ticket, Platinum Ticket:
If you are someone who is interested in spending a bit extra and indulging yourself in the FULL Sci-Fi Ball experience, you can check out what is included with these tickets and how much they cost on the Sci-Fi Ball Official Website under 'Tickets'.
In particular, the Silver Ticket costs £50 more than the standard price of the Bronze Ticket, this is because the Silver ticket includes the Saturday Night Wonderland Banquet and After-Dinner Cabaret performance in addition to the after-parties.




Southampton is a thriving city on the South coast of England! There are many accommodation options, and depending on money, you can choose what you prefer. Hotels, Airbnb’s or a Travelodge would be your best bet.  

Below are the two main hotel suggestions, simply because of proximity to Ball Venue, which will come in handy at 1am when the night time party events end and you need to walk to your bed.

A suggestion would be to share a hotel room and split the cost! Or even find a family room and split it between a few people!

Grand Harbour Hotel (most convenient/expensive option)
Not only the venue for the Ball, but the entire hotel and all rooms are taken off sale from the public during the Ball, this means that only Sci-Fi Ball attendees can make a room reservation (with your special confirmation email once you buy your Ball ticket you will be able to book a room), however LOTS of people attend this Ball, and often the rooms RUN OUT FAST)
Single Occupancy - £93 per night
Double Occupancy - £103 per night

Premier Inn, Southampton West Quay Hotel (across the road from venue/best value)
Prices are subject to change due to demand especially closer to the date of the Ball! This is literally 200 meters away!
When I last checked their website, for the dates (Check in Fri 7th, 3 nights), for a double or twin room, these were the price options:
Flex (Amend/cancel up to 1pm on arrival day) - £153 in TOTAL (3 nights) - (£51 per night)
Semi-Flex (Amend/canel up to 14 days before arrival) - £113 in TOTAL (3 nights) - (£37 per night)
Remember, if you choose to share with someone, you can half that price again!



Depending on numbers, we are organising with the SU to arrange transport. We will keep this event updated.


Final Notes:

This event is open to anyone! Student or non-student, so if you have a friend you know is also interested in Doctor Who, Sherlock, Superhero films or anything Sci-Fi related, they are also welcome!

You don't need to be super knowledgable about Sci-Fi, in fact many Ball attendees just enjoy watching Doctor Who or even the Marvel/DC Universe, it is just a fun weekend away to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust, meet like-minded students who also enjoy the same films/shows you watch!

In replacement of the Banquet Dinner on the Saturday night (Bronze ticket) - we will all go into the city and get food together so we can get to know each other whilst exploring the city!

The Ball parties each of the nights provide PLENTY of drinks, so prepare yourself for a very fun 3 night bender.

So bring out your inner-nerd and join us for a jam-packed 3 day weekend away!