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Cardiff Regular and Irregular Tabletop Society

Nerd Varsity: Board Gaming Tournament

• Sat 09 March 2019 16:00-22:00

Compete for your society in a range of board games in a tournament event, most points at the end gets the points for their society!!

The Top 3 scoring Societies in this event will get points towards their total!


Games that will be played:

Cash n' Guns : The most intense game of bluffs, where foam guns will be pointed when dividing the loot.

King of Tokyo: Play as monsters rampaging the innocent city of Tokyo, the longer you last, the more points you win.

Exploding Kittens: A game of chance and kittens, what's not to like, just try not to explode....

Sheriff of Nottingham: Try and smuggle goods out of the city, without letting that pesky sheriff know what's going on...

Coup: Keep your power and your assistants around you, and try to survive assassinations and coups.

Port Royal: Try your luck on letting the ships into port and completing goals, before someone else gets there first.

Catan: One of the more classic games, form alliances and trade, and try to settle the island as fast as possible.

Sushi Go Party: Try to collect sets of sushi for your restaurant over 3 rounds in this draft based game.


Come along to compete, cheer on your society, or play other games!!