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Cardiff Regular and Irregular Tabletop Society

CRITs Go To Student Nationals

• Fri 12 Apr 2019 09:00 - Mon 15 Apr 2019 17:00

CRITs are competing in this year's Student Nationals, up in Glasgow. Full details for the event can be found here: https://nsgrc.co.uk/

Hey People,

So it's the most wonderful time of year, and until the 20th of January, these tickets will be live for this event. Effectively, we all get on a bus, travel across the country, and compete in the things we do best.

For a full list of categories, go here: https://nsgrc.co.uk/

We are arranging accomodation and travel.



They are a deposit, covering the cost of the tickets, not including the travel and accomodation, which is anticipated to be between £100 and £150 more. The deposit is returnable until the ticket sales close, so we can know numbers. After that point any tickets must be sold to other members if you are unable to go.



Anticipated FAQs

So why are there two tickets? One is for people who want to sort out their own accomodation, so we know numbers.

Why would we ever want to do that? Well we're looking into cheaper accomodation to make the tickets cheaper for students, so we'll be sharing youth hostel rooms of 4-6 people, and we know that some people aren't comfortable with that, or have family in the area who they would stay with instead

Which is which? Buy the general ticket if you want accomodation, buy the student ticket if you don't.