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OT Society

Julia Scott: 'Occupational Therapy- probably the best career in the world'

Michael Griffiths Lecture Theatre (MGLT) • Thu 24 January 2019 16:00-17:00

Julia Scott, CEO of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists, is coming to Cardiff University to speak to OT students and lecturers alike.

A very special and exciting CPD/motivational talk is coming to Cardiff this January.

She will be doing a talk titled 'Occupational Therapy- probably the best career in the world', and will be around afterwards for 10 minutes to answer any questions you have.

This is an excellent opportunity to not only meet the lead of RCOT, but to find out anything you could possibly want to about the profession and to discover more into the direction this career is headed in the future.

We are really excited to present you with this opportunity and hope you can join us in welcoming this very special and prestigious guest to our university. This really is a must!