Maths Society

Pub Golf

The Taf, Students Union • Wed 16 October 2019 18:30-23:30

Pub golf is back! We're hitting 9 pubs in 5 hours, golfing attire optional!

Route TBC, but we'll start at The Taf @ 6:30pm and aim to hit the last pub around 11:30 ish

When you arrive at the Taf you will be given a score card. The card will name the holes that you will be going to (the pubs) and the par for each pub. You'll need to buy a drink from the pub you are in and find a referee (who will be wearing a white top) and they will be counting how many attempts it takes for you to down your drink. That will be the number written on your card. Your aim is to get a "hole in one" i.e. down the drink in one.

Please drink responsibly!

Click here for the Facebook event.