Malaysian Students Society

Frisbee Session

Bute Park • Wed 02 October 2019 15:00-18:00

You too can be ULTIMATE in FRISBEE!

Keen for some sports in the cool weather together with some
homey feeling? Join us for an ultimate frisbee session, where you can have fun and
make some new friends! Fear not if you’re new to the sports, as we will be having
some friendly seniors to guide you!

We will be having dinner after the session, so make sure you bring some cash along. It might be cold as well, so wear something that can keep you warm as well

Please Bring: A bottle of water, cash for dinner, jacket, appropriate sports clothing

Additional Notes: For those who are not sure where’s the venue, please meet up at
the Student’s Union 2nd floor reception by 2.45pm and we will bring you there!