Japanese Society

The MLANG Brexit Horrorshow Halloween Party

Steinbeck & Shaw • Fri 01 November 2019 20:00-03:00

It's that time of year where all the scary things come out from the dark. Clowns, ghosts, skeletons, politicians, and Mark Zuckerberg all leave their hovels for one night of partying before slinking back unto the shadows from whence they came.


Featuring Japanese Society, French Society, German Society, and Spanish & Italian Society, this year's joint Halloween party will be a night to not remember as we all get marginally and responsibly* inebriated to try and forget whatever BoJo decides to do on the 31st Oct.


Obviously costumes. Wear whatever you want, but try and theme it to the country of whatever Society you're here with. The tickets for this are £1 which will get you a wristband, free entry to the afterparty at Revs where we will have a private room.


There will also be a prize for the best costume of the night which will be voted upon by the four probably-not-that-sober Presidents of the Societies, and the winner will get a free ticket to the end of year MLANG Ball (Spoilers).


*Committees not responsible for keeping you responsible. Do what you want**. I ain't gon stop you.


** within the confines of the law please