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Harry Potter Society

Triwizard Tournament

Locos in Cathays • Sat 23 March 2019 13:00-20:00

This is a competition between our members, general Cardiff University Students and Swansea University Students with help from the Cardiff ResidencesLife team!

Round 1: Scavenger Hunt 

The Scavenger Hunt will begin at 1pm in Locos (Cathays) where teams will be given a map and clues to guide them through Cardiff University Residences in order to discover the magical secrets hidden within. This is a race against time to lead your team to victory and there will be a prize for the first team back with all the clues.


Round 2: Quiz

After completing the Scavenger Hunt we plan to relax in Locos with a few drinks until 5pm when the next round of the competition will begin. This quiz will include several rounds involving questions with Harry Potter and Easter themes. There will be another prize for the winning team. 


Taking part in these competitions will cost £2 per person and all of the money will be donated to Lumos, the children's charity.