Chaos Society

Ad Astra GIAG Cinema Trip (19:20 2D Cineworld Screening)

Cineworld Cardiff • Thu 03 October 2019 18:45-22:00

Come with Chaos to watch the new sci-fi 'Ad Astra' with Brad Pitt at Cineworld! We'll be meeting outside the SU at 18:45 if you don't know the way and go from there to the 19:20 2D screening. Student tickets are only £2.90 so come along!(GIAG)

This event is Give It A Go so all are welcome to attend!

Get your free ticket here just to give us an idea of numbers. This doesn't count as your actual cinema ticket it's just for our benefit.

Postgrads welcome!

"In the near future, Earth's Solar System is struck by mysterious power surges, threatening all human life. After surviving an incident caused by a surge, Major Roy McBride, son of famed astronaut H. Clifford McBride, is informed by U.S. Space Command (SpaceCom) that the surges have been traced to the "Lima Project" – created to search the farthest Solar System for intelligent life, under Clifford's leadership – from whom nothing has been heard for sixteen years after reaching Neptune. Informed that Clifford may still be alive, Roy accepts a mission to travel to Mars to try and establish communication with him, joined by his father's old associate Colonel Pruitt."