Blank Verse

Blank Verse GIAG!

Cardiff School of Music • Thu 30 January 2020 17:30-19:30

Come along to our first rehearsal session of 2020 and give Blank Verse a go! Everyone is welcome, no audition necessary, as long as you can have fun!

Blank Verse are Cardiff's non-auditioning soprano and alto choir. We would love to have you come along to our first rehearsal and GIAG of 2020. We're relaxed, fun and friendly and we sing a bit of everything - from Les Miserables to Coldplay to songs in Latin! Come along and see if we're for you - everyone is welcome, no need to be able to read music and no need to have previous experience in a choir.

We'll probably have a social afterwards too - watch this space - so everyone can get to know each other and catch up after the Xmas break. We'd love to see as many new faces as possible!