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Amnesty International Society

Silent Voices: Children's photos from Bil'in

Great Hall, Cardiff University Students' Union • Thu 29 November 2018 12:00-21:00

An exhibition of photos taken by children in the Palestinian village of Bil'in depicting their everyday lives.

Cardiff University in collaboration with Cardiff University Students' Union and Cardiff Uni Amnesty International Society are displaying the *"Silent Voices"* Exhibition. It shows photos taken by children in the Palestinian village of Bil’in depicting their everyday lives.

In September 2012, a group of over 80 children aged between 6 and 16 years old took part in a photography workshop looking at composition and visual story telling. They were asked ‘What are the messages you would like people to hear about your worlds and what do you want them to learn about your life?’ The project was about claiming back their right to choose and make decisions about the images that are included in this exhibition, to show daily life through their eyes, and to have a voice.

Photography is a powerful medium and can enable children to engage naturally in creative self-expression. It allows us a window into their struggles and a snapshot of their internal world.

This exhibition will be in the Great Hall for one day, on 29th November and It will be exhibited in another part of the university later on.

This is the facebook event: http://bit.ly/SilentVoicesExhibition