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Skills Development Service


Various throughout the Univ • Mon 02 Oct 2017 14:00 - Wed 20 Dec 2017 16:00

A comprehensive programme of skills sessions which can lead to certification

To book please go to cardiffstudents.com/jobs-skills/skills-development-service/signing-up/

Skills sessions of between 90 minutes and 2 hours in topics such as:

  • Assertiveness (Leadership, Communication, Interpersonal)
  • Coaching Skills (Leadership, Interpersonal)
  • Commercial Awareness (Business, Personal Effectiveness)
  • Customer Communication Skills (Communication, Business)
  • CV Masterclass (Job Application)
  • Dealing With Examinations’ Anxieties (Wellbeing, Self-confidence)
  • Having Difficult Conversations (Leadership, Communication, Interpersonal)
  • Interview Techniques (Job Application)
  • Leadership Styles (Leadership)
  • Listening & Awareness (Communication, Interpersonal)
  • Motivation (Personal Effectiveness)
  • Negotiation Skills (Communication, Interpersonal)
  • Practical Presentations (Communication, Self-confidence)
  • Problem Solving (Personal Effectiveness)
  • Sleep Well (Wellbeing)
  • Speaking & Presenting (Communication, Self-confidence)
  • Stress Management (Personal Effectiveness, Wellbeing)
  • Successful Networking (Personal Effectiveness, Communication, Self-confidence, Interpersonal)
  • Teamwork (Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Self-confidence)
  • Time Management (Personal Effectiveness)

See the full list at cardiffstudents.com/jobs-skills/skills-development-service