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Student Voice

Student Senate | Senedd y Myfyrwyr (02/05/2017)

4J • Tue 02 May 2017 18:00-20:00

Cardiff University Students' Union Policy Making Body

Agenda to follow...

Student Senate is the Students' Union's policy making body and all students are invited to take up seats as Student Senators to represent their fellow peers and help lead the Union forward.

Policies provide the framework which the Union and its Elected Officers operate within. Student Senate has the power to make and review policy, ensuring the Union works to reflect the values and ideals of the Student Body.

Student Senate is the Union's highest regular decision-making body. However, the Annual Members Meeting and Referenda have higher authority as they allow all students a vote, not just their elected representatives.

The Union has policies to ensure that the services and activities we provide are in line with student values and ideals. For more information on Student Senate please see this page.