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Campaign Officers

Climate Change is a Race Issue

Council Chamber, Main Building • Wed 13 March 2019 17:00-18:00

This event is part of our annual Go Green Week, a week celebrating and discussing all things to do with sustainability. Please visit cardiffstudents.com/events/6038/15400/ for more information.

With climate change hitting the headlines in recent years, and recent reports highlighting we only have 12 years to dodge climate catastrophe, the issue has become inherently political. No longer just about scientific facts and technincal terms, climate change is affecting milllions', billions' even, of people's every day lives. These people are often situated in the countries least responsible for climate change and the communities which are the least empowered to make a change.  The UK, for example, is the largest carbon emitter per capita, yet is one of the least vulnerable to climate change.

Due to these reasons climate change can be linked to many injustices including racism, sexism, ableism and the rights of refugees often fleeing conditions created by us here, in the Global North. Sustainability is a predominately white sector, however, those who look to be most impacted by the lack of sustainable development are not white. This panel will look into the issue of framing climate change as a race issue, the white saviour complex and how may the sector provide greater inclusivity to those who it has historically ignored. 

This will be a panel discussion including Zamzam Ibrahim (NUS Vice President Society & Citizenship), Serene Esuruoso (Leeds SU Education Officer), Sami Bryant (Youth Representative of The Islamic Foundation For Ecology And Environmental Sciences).

We hope to see you there.