Taylor Swift Society

1989 Listening Party - GIAG

Thursday 13 October 2022, 8pm - 11pm

The Lodge, Student Union

Event Information

Welcome to Swift Soc! It's been waiting for you!
Hop in your time machine and let's go back to 1989, or rather 2014, as we revisit the album that changed pop music forever!
This event is perfect for both new and old fans, friends and housemates, and anyone you're hoping to secretly bring along and convert into a swiftie...

We'll be listening to the album, followed by some of our favourite Taylor songs from other albums after to keep the party going! The bar will be open to provide you plenty of refreshments to keep your voices fresh for plenty of singing along!

This event is open to all members, but especially those who would like to give the society a go before becoming a member!

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