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Russian Society

Mafia Game Night CANCELLED

The Lounge, 3rd floor, Students' Union • Thu 21 March 2019 18:00-21:00

Mafia is a fun Russian party game.

UPDATE: Cancelled due to lack of interest.


…Another night passes by and the city wakes up to find out that yet one more Innocent Citizen fell prey to the merciless Killer. Night in and night out someone effectively depopulates the city - but who could that be? The Citizens get together to try to solve the puzzle using their social and observation skills, logic and strategic thought – as well as to have a good time playing this famous “Mafia” game! No experience required.


Our first Mafia Game Night was a huge success, so we are hosting another one during the Fringe Festival to introduce this exciting game to even more people.

As part of Cardiff Fringe Festival 2019