Society for Women Graduates


Board Room, SU • Thu 23 May 2019 17:00-18:00

CUSWG's first AGM!

We will be holding a annual general meeting on Thursday 23rd May at 5pm (to start at 5.30pm). We'll be looking back at all the achievements of our first ever year as a society, as well as running through a few orders of business.  There will be opportunity to raise any motions we'd like to discuss in terms of the society going forward.  If you have ideas for this, please do get in touch and we'll add them to the discussion schedule. 

The AGM will also be a chance for us to elect our new committee! This will be a great opportunity for anyone who'd like to be an integral part of an award winning society. CUSWG has made huge progress in its first year, and now we're looking for people who have a vision for how it can grow and thrive in the next academic year. 

The positions available will be: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Heath Rep, and Social Secretary. If there are any other positions you think we ought to have (e.g. mature student rep), use the AGM as a chance to raise this. We will be opening nominations on Thursday 16th May, and anyone who would like to nominate themselves for committee positions will be able to do so then. At the AGM, we will hear from all candidates and votes will be opened that evening (voting closes on 30th May). We welcome nominations from members and non-members