Make a Smile

Survival Games

The Great Hall • Tue 11 February 2020 19:30-22:15

For 1 night only, enter the arena and prove domination as champion in this epic nerf battle royale. Whip out some matrix moves or wreak revenge on your housemate with pin-point shooting as you join us for 2 hours of nerf to win the trophy.

For just £4, enter into 2 hours of shooting - all the fun of paintball without any of the pain or mess!

After a few practice rounds including a few fun games such as capture the flag to get used to the weapons, the evening will culminate in the instant death Battle Royale as we can only have one winner of the Survival Games trophy. 

Costumes are more than welcome if you want to spice it up! 

All proceeds go to charity and help bring smiles to the faces of children in hospital.