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Healthcare Drama Society

HDS x 30 Minute Society

You'll be told 30 minutes before • Fri 22 March 2019 17:00-23:59

Crossover time - Healthcare Drama meets the 30 Minute Society for a night of mystery drama fun! Step 1: Buy your £1 ticket here Step 2: Add your contact details to the Google Doc Step 3: Sit tight and wait for the location text on March 22nd!


On Friday March 22nd, the most ambitious (?) crossover event in HDS history is happening - we're teaming up with the 30 Minute Society for a night of mystery!

Here's how the 30 Minute Society works. You get yourself a ticket and give us some contact details, then you'll be told where to go and what you're doing half an hour before we start! Here's a couple of hints for you:

1. We will be starting sometime between 5pm and 10pm, so be ready for the message! Don't worry placement people, you'll be back in time, but have an early dinner to be safe ??
2. The venue is somewhere in Cathays. Or Roath. Or South Wales. Or maybe those are all lies. 30 mins travel time should be doable for most people though, have your shoes on ready all night until your calling comes.
3. While the night will be shrouded in mystery until you get there... We are a drama society. Make of that what you will.

Make sure to click going on the event on Facebook to be added to the groupchat, this is where you will find out your destination 30 mins before! This is open to everyone, so if you've got a few mates who want to join the cult of HDS, this is a great place to start

Final note: Venue is cash only. Or you could be brave and find a cashpoint - but who knows how far away from one you'll be?

Can't to see you all there!