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Give It A Go

SU Tour 12pm

SU, Senghennydd Rd. • Wed 20 September 2017 12:00-13:00

Cardiff Freshers 2017 - come and let us show you around!

Did you know that Cardiff University Students’ Union is the 5th best Students’ Union in the UK?

What other building is a nightclub, advice service, sports and society hub, volunteering service, jobshop, pub, shopping mall, dance studio, food court, one of the biggest venues for gigs and events in Cardiff, and so much more, all whilst being run by students, for students! Come and join us for a tour to see everything on offer to you as a student at Cardiff University, all within one building at the heart of campus.

This will be an opportunity to have a look at all of our new facilities designed just for students. Over the past few years, every floor of the SU has been renovated, leaving it new and exciting for you.

Did you know that we were the set for Sherlock? The building also (believe it or not) won a design award back in the 70's! If you want to know more fun facts, and more about what your Students’ Union can do for you during your time at Cardiff University, this is the tour for you!