Welfare Spin Sessions Part 2

• Tue 16 March 2021 17:30-18:30

As part of Cardiff University's 6 week programme focusing on delivering welfare and interactive events for all students,Cardiff uni road cycling team are proud to be leading 2 sessions of online spin/turbo sessions that everyone can get involved in!

Where? Zoom, Instragram Live, Facebook Live. Time? Tuesday 9th and 16th 17:30. Duration? 1 Hour ish Who's leading it? Luke Harvey-Nguyen (CURCT President)
Fancy turbo/equipment needed? NO! 
All you need is an exercise/stationary bike/turbo with variable resistance and you can take part!
The set will be set off perceived efforts so all you need is to put some effort in!
Feel free to join in by just watching the live video, Audio only or join with your camera. 
All are welcome!