Postgraduate Meet and Mingle

Y Plas • Sun 31 January 2021 18:30-22:00

The Movie Night scheduled for the 31st of January has been postponed. As excited as we are for all of you to meet up (socially distanced) and watch this movie, we’ll have to wait till we can ensure you can see it together, with regards to the safety measures in place. Our goal is still to ensure you can take a safe break from your study with your bubbles outside your homes, and also to provide you with a bit of that cinematic experience we have all been missing. If you have got your e-ticket, do keep it saved. If you are yet to get yours or for a friend, feel free to do that as well. We hope to see you all soon. Be Safe.

"Ready Player One" Film Night Live in Y Plas

James Halliday designs a virtual reality and hides the keys to his fortune in it for a worthy player to find after his death. Wade, a teenager, sets out on a quest to find the keys and the fortune.

Fancy a Movie Night-out with your fellow Postgraduate and Mature Students? Take a break with our makeshift cinematic experience. 

We will be using Disposable Chat site to allow you to chat with other people without needing anything more from your seat and ensure that social distancing is maintained whilst meeting fellow postgraduates.

The event is from 18:30 - 22:00 on Sunday 31st January 2021 with dedicated arrival times for safety.

It is open to all Postgraduate and Mature Students (including Mature Undergraduate Students).

Come along with your safety masks, digital ticket and bring a friend too.

Tickets will cost £3.50 with a cone of popcorn to enjoy the film.

Please read our House Rules before attending.