The Student Survival Guide for 2020 (and beyond)

Zoom - Link will be sent out upon regstration • Tue 29 September 2020 16:00-17:30

TEDx Speaker and Wellbeing Coach, Toluwa has spent most of her professional career working with young people around the world, enabling them to make transformative changes in their personal and professional lives as well as their communities. 


This interactive seminar will be focused on building resilience, resisting the urge to fall into a cycle of anxiousness and comparison; and getting innovating 'enough' to make the unprecedented situation work for you, with a key emphasis on 'navigating' COVID-19, and beyond. 


Join Toluwa on the 29th of September at 4-5.30 pm in this intimate wellbeing seminar, exploring the Topic: The STUDENT SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR 2020 (and beyond)'


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