Learn Karate at CUKC GIAG!

Talybont Sports Centre • Sat 15 February 2020 19:30-21:30

Karate is the best of both worlds, teaching a traditional Japanese martial art, with practical self defence skills! Whether you’re a keen fighter or prefer the basics of the art come to our give it a go to learn valuable skills taught by instructors with decades of experience in karate and a close tight knit society of beginners, and experts alike.
Take part in exercises such as:

- Practicing different punching and kicking techniques
- A taster of sparring
- Practice basic blocks and strikes
- Learn how to escape a front choke
- And much more!

Karate is a fantastic martial art to practice at Cardiff. As the oldest karate club in the UK, we offer a traditional training experience, with practical applications. 
We hope you are able to join us at this session, and most importantly enjoy it.