Mario Kart Tournament!

Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Main Building • Fri 04 October 2019 17:00-19:00

Our society presents the “Weekly Lan”, a way for both new and old members of the society to gather, with our variety of games we allow for an ease in connecting with each other through common interests.

 For the first Weekly Lan we are holding our first-of-the-year Mario Kart Tournament! Whether you’re an absolute newbie or a seasoned veteran, know that all are welcome and all have a chance to take first place. 

Among the multitude of games, we also have our very own VR station set up. For our first session we have… Beat Saber, so come down and try it out.

If you don't know where the large chemistry lecture theatre is, you can meet our committee members on the steps at the Students' Union on Park Place from 4:45-5:15pm and they will guide you there.