Freshers' Fun Zone

• Sat 21 September 2019 12:00-16:00

Giant inflatables, giant scalextrics, good tunes...what more could want for your Saturday afternoon!

If you've just moved in with your new flatmates or are just looking for an afternoon of fun, head to Y Plas on Saturday 21st between 12:00 - 16:00 where we will be packing the room full of giant activities. Meet lots of new friends and battle it out in our Freshers' Fun Zone! All students are welcome, whether you're arriving in Cardiff for the first time or coming back for another year. 

Bungee Run 

Get the adrenaline of a bungee jump without ever having to leave the ground!

Gladiator Dual

Get ready to bash, swerve, jump and bop your way to glory as you battle it out in the Gladiator Dual!

Giant Scalextric

Are you ready to be the next Lightning McQueen? Take part in a fast and furious race to get your car to the chequered flag first.

Giant Twister

Test your balance and flexibility on our giant Twister mat!

All student welcome! 

Bar open & good tunes