The Taf, SU Second Floor • Every Tuesday from 3pm

Whoever said you can’t have it all clearly hasn’t been to The Taf on a Tuesday night, or should we say Twosday… You can mix and match, switch and swap. The night is YOURS students, and you CAN have it all.

Twosdays have the best of both worlds with 2|4|1 on pizzas and cocktails in your friendly student local.

Can’t decide between the simplest of margheritas or a Veggie Supreme? Ham & Mushroom or Pepperoni? Mojitos or Martinis? Do you opt for the berry or the basic mojito? A passionfruit or espresso martini?

The choices are ENDLESS but the choice is yours, all for half price, this Twosday and every Twosday at The Taf.