Caerphilly: Castle & Town

Sunday 09 October 2022, 11am - 4pm

Meeting Point: Student's Union - Senghennydd Road


£13.00 (E-ticket)

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In Wales, a land known for its castles, rewind to the 13th Century and Caerphilly’s is state of the art. The cutting edge design has seen the castle throughout it’s 750 year history almost untouched. The exception being the Southeast tower, damaged by gunpowder in the civil war. Nowadays, this tower is one of the most photographed features of the castles, standing slanted at a 10 degree angle – compared to the 3.97 degree angle of the leaning tower of Pisa! Nowadays, it’s a little more peaceful but no less imposing. Surrounded by a tranquil moat and grassy areas, Caerphilly Castle is a jewel in South Wales’s crown.

For a small town, Caerphilly more than pulls its weight in it’s offerings to the world. You’ll be familiar with Caerphilly Cheese, which was made initially to feed the local coal miners – perfect due to high salt content preventing it from drying out! Caerphilly cheese has been given protected geographical indication and you can buy artisan cheeses from local venders in the town.

Castle entry is included in the ticket price 

Photo Credit: Richard Szwejkowski on Flickr