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Halls Associations

Halls Associations are a community for your halls of residence. They work like a society where a committee is selected from those who live in the halls to run the Association. Every member of the relevant halls is automatically a member of their Halls Association and has the right to get involved in its events, and apply to be a committee member.

The committee is responsible for organising events, managing bank accounts and visiting every flat within their specific residences to introduce themselves and make sure everyone is okay. The committee will also meet with the student wardens and the residences managers on a regular basis to keep in contact.

This year, we are trialling Halls Associations in:

  • Talybont Gate
  • Gordon Hall
  • North Campus (Colum Hall, Colum Road Houses and Aberconway Hall)

If you are in those Halls and you want to get involved, then please complete the application form below.

We are recruiting for five different committee members, the description of these are listed below.

The benefits

  • You are given a high level of responsibility, and the ability to arrange big events, which all students in your halls will remember.
  • This is a new project being launched this year, this means you will be given greater opportunity to influence the association’s structure for years to come. 
  • You will be given control over a large amount of money.
  • You will be given the chance to be part of a committee, this is an opportunity that is not normally available for first year students. 
  • You'll be given the opportunity to meet numerous students across your halls of residence, whilst forming close friendships with those in the committee.

Halls Association Committee Roles


The President is the leader, spokesperson, and the key contact of the Halls Committee within your Halls of Residence. They set the strategic outlook for what sort of events, activities and campaigns they will run during their time in office, in order to protect the interests, aims, and objectives of the Halls’ Association. They are responsible for planning, organising and chairing committee meetings  


The secretary’s prime function is to administrate the running of the Halls’ Association, keep accurate records and communicate with the committee and residents.


The Treasurer is responsible for insuring that the finances of the Halls’ Association are organised and managed effectively in line with the pre-set Guidelines through the bank account kept in Cardiff University Students’ Union.

Events Officer

The Head of Publicity is in charge of all promotional material (e.g. to posters and leaflets) and social media (e.g. Twitter and Facebook). They are responsible for spreading publicity about the Halls’ Association events and activities to residents.

Publicity Officer

The events representative ensures that events are organised for residents to enjoy. The role is there to ensure that these events, in addition to being enjoyable, are varied, inclusive and accessible for all residents.

Apply For A Committee Role

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