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UK General Election

In 2015 the Prime Minister called for a Snap General Election. This hub shows some of the work the union put together to help students engage with the snap election. From helping you to find your polling station, to making sure you're aware of the key deadlines in the run up to the election.

A General Election is the decision-making process for the public to decide who will represent them in Parliament (in turn running the country). Everyone who is eligible - and registered to vote - gets to vote for one candidate to represent their local area referred to as a constituency.

The candidates standing for election are usually drawn from political parties, but can also stand as independents - make sure to read the manifesto of each candidate and each party. The person with the most votes in a constituency is elected as its Member of Parliament (MP), to represent that constituency in the House of Commons.

The Queen will then ask the leader of the political party with the most MPs after the election to form a government.

For more information check out the below video.

We hope you all managed to register to vote by the deadline. You should have received a polling card through the post that tells you where your polling station is. If you haven't, don't worry, you can find your polling station here.

Key dates

Deadline: Register to vote online by 22 May midnight

Deadline: Register to vote by postal vote: 23 May 17:00

Polls open: 8 June 07:00

Polls close: 8 June 22:00


Generation Vote is a Campaign run by NUS to encourage students to get involved in local and national politics. Below is some content related to the campaign.

"As the new NUS president, I know how vital it is for students to vote" - Shakira Martin.

Young people make up such a huge part of the voting population. You have the power to really make a difference.

Making a Big Impact in Cardiff

Our previous voter registration work

In December 2014, it was reported that 23,500 people had fallen off the electoral register in Cardiff Central compared to the 2010 General Election. Cardiff University’s main campus is based in Cardiff Central with a total of 24,251 students living in the constituency. A further 8,268 students live in Cardiff North, the constituency where our satellite campus is based. It was also reported that Cardiff is the second most politically powerful institution in the UK, given its makeup and previous result.

The general election campaign has laid a great foundation for the future. With Assembly Elections taking place in Wales in 2016, getting students involved in party politics from the offset ready for the next election is very important.

Making a big impact in Cardiff Central - May 2015.