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Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?

EU Referendum

A referendum will be held on Thursday 23rd June to decide whether the UK should continue to be a member of the European Union or to leave. 

You must be registered to vote in order to have your say in this referendum. You can register now at gov.uk/register-to-vote - registration closes at midnight on Tuesday 7th June. You can also apply to register by post before 17:00 on Wednesday 8th June. 

Yes or No? Join the debate

The European Union (EU) referendum is an incredibly important moment for the UK. It will define our future and that of subsequent generations. To promote and encourage maximum participation for the EU referendum, the Students’ Union will be hosting a debate. The Debate will take place on Sunday 5th June at 18:00.

The Debate Panel

Remain: Dafydd Trystan and Usman Mahmood Bukhari

Leave: David Davies MP (Monmouth) and Alex Moscovici

What is the European Union (EU)?

The European Union - often known as the EU - is an economic and political partnership involving 28 European countries. It began after World War Two to foster economic co-operation, with the idea that countries which trade together are more likely to avoid going to war with each other. It has since grown to become a "single market" allowing goods and people to move around, basically as if the member states were one country. It has its own currency, the euro, which is used by 19 of the member countries, its own parliament and it now sets rules in a wide range of areas - including on the environment, transport, consumer rights and even things like mobile phone charges.

Find out which countries are members of the EU

The EU in brief

To promote and encourage maximum participation for the EU referendum, the Students’ Union will be hosting a debate. The debate will take place on Sunday 5th June at 18:00.

Why should I vote? 

The referendum offers you a chance to have your say on whether the UK should remain a member of the EU. Cardiff University is a vibrant, diverse place with students studying here from all over Europe. Should the UK's status in the EU change, there could be implications for students and potential students. Still not sure which way to vote? Come along to our debate to hear more about the arguments for and against. 

Who is eligible to vote? 

British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens over 18 who are resident in the UK, along with UK nationals living abroad who have been on the electoral register in the UK in the past 15 years. Members of the House of Lords and Commonwealth citizens in Gibraltar will also be eligible, unlike in a general election. Citizens from EU countries - apart from Ireland, Malta and Cyprus - will not get a vote.