University Bursaries

Cardiff University offers bursaries to eligible students who have started their full time UK undergraduate course after 2006.

Eligible students must be in attendance on the payment dates to receive a bursary.

The following students are not eligible for these awards:

  • Overseas students
  • EU students who do not qualify for UK maintenance funding
  • NHS bursary holders
  • Postgraduate students
  • 2011 Welsh students (as paid through Welsh government student funding)

How much will I get?

The amount you are eligible for depends on your household income and the year you started your course (or Higher education)

In future years the value of the bursary may vary.  The value of a bursary for continuing 2017 students in academic year 2017-18 will be announced in the summer term. The current continuing student bursary is £500.

Household Income

Bursary amount

£0 to £42,000


£42,001 and above


To be eligible for the bursary scheme:

  • You must be a new full time undergraduate student at Cardiff University
  • You must qualify for UK student funding for living costs
  • Your household income must be assessed as under £42,000 by your award authority
  • You must be paying fees of over £6,000
  • You must have commenced your course in 2016

    You will not qualify for the bursary scheme if:

  • You are a PGCE student
  • You are a NHS funded student
  • You are on a placement year and paying fees of under £6,000
  • You are repeating a year and paying fees of under £6,000

When will I receive it?

There is no application process for the bursary. If your are eligible, you should receive a letter towards the end of the first term confirming the value of your bursary award and the payment dates. A copy of your bursary letters is also held on your Student Loans Company account.

Bursaries can only be paid for the current academic year, and are made in two instalments through the Student Loans Company. These will be made into the same bank account as your student loan is paid.

First instalment payment (50% of bursary)

Second instalment payment (50% of bursary)

27 January 2017

24 March 2017