NHS Funding

The majority of our full-time healthcare courses that lead to registration in the respective health care profession are funded by the NHS. Medicine and Dental Surgery are funded via the NHS from the fifth year of the course.

If you are a current healthcare student at Cardiff University, or if you are interested in studying a healthcare course after graduating from your current degree, and want to know about NHS funding for our healthcare courses please visit these web pages for more information.

Pharmacology, Optometry and Pharmacy are not funded by the NHS so students on these courses would need to apply for funding outside the NHS.

If you are studying Medicine or Dental Surgery and want to know about NHS funding from the fifth year of your course or you are studying another degree at Cardiff University and want to know about funding for Medicine as a Second Degree or funding for Graduate Entry Medicine please follow the link below.

What NHS funding am I entitled to?

NHS funding is available to UK home students. Non UK EU students can apply for tuition fee support from the NHS. Non UK EU students may be eligible for support towards living costs depending on the length of residency in the UK before starting your course. If you have any doubts or queries about your residency and eligibility for funding, please contact the Advice and Money team.