Erasmus and Brexit

Eramus+ is an exchange programme which allows students to live study and/or work in a European country for a maximum of 12 months as part of your degree.

The participation of the UK in the Erasmus+ scheme after the year 2020 will depend on the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

Our current understanding from the Government is that higher education institutions can continue to send their students and staff on the Erasmus+ Scheme to the UK for the time being. This is pending the end date or completion of projects involving Erasmus students, or when funds for the Erasmus+ Scheme are exhausted. This does not affect the UK’s participation in the current Erasmus+ programmes.

Cardiff University has committed to working with European partners to ensure that this opportunity to live, work and study abroad can continue to be offered to Cardiff University students, and to overseas students that want to visit, live or study at Cardiff University.

The global opportunities that are available to you will vary depending on what University you are studying at, and what degree you are reading.

Important considerations when considering living, working or studying in the UK on an Erasmus+ Scheme:

  • Do you have the appropriate permissions to live in the country i.e. do you need a Visa? As above, the UK is in negotiations to leave the EU, you may want to monitor these developments to ensure that you are eligible to travel to, and live in, the UK for your programme;
  • Convert some of your currency to the pound so that you are able to access services upon arrival. If you are required to travel from an airport to Cardiff City Centre, you may need cash for public transport;
  • Make the appropriate arrangements with your student funding. For advice on your specific circumstances, you should contact the Money and Funding Advice Team;
  • Do you have access to your bank account while you are in the UK? If not, or if this access is likely to incur significant costs, you may want to make other arrangements before you arrive;
  • Check out Sim only telephone deals so that you can contact friends and family at home upon arrival in the UK;
  • If it’s been a while since you’ve spoken English, freshen up on your English language skills so that you’re ready for when you step off the plane!

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