Standards and complaints

The majority of first year undergraduate students in Cardiff University live in halls of residence. If you are living in University halls it's important to know how to report issues that are bothering you.

Making a complaint about University Residences

University residences aim to provide quality services and facilities that meet the needs of their customers.

The University say that if customers have any comments or concerns regarding the quality of facilities or services provided, they would like to hear them and assist wherever possible. So if there are any issues, you should not hesitate to inform them.

The University ask that complaints be made by direct service users. Complaints received by the University solely from third parties will not be dealt with. In University residences the complaint must therefore be made by the resident, rather than a parent/guardian.

How to complain

Complaints should be submitted using the stages detailed below. Most complaints can be resolved at the early resolution stages.

Stage 1: Early Resolution

The University ask that complaints be raised to the relevant manager within seven calendar days of issue occurring.

Complaints can be raised by email or by completing the customer complaint form and emailing it to the relevant manager using the contact details below.

The University says that it aims to resolve the complaint within 14 calendar days.

We aim to resolve the complaint within 14 calendar days.

Category of Complaint


Email Address

Administration - Allocations Administration Manager
Administration - Finance Finance Manager
Administration - Conferences Conference Manager
Catering and Bars Deputy Catering Manager
Day Care Centre Day Care Centre Manager
Residences - Talybont North and Gate Residences Manager
Residences - Talybont Court and South Residences Manager
Residences - Cartwright Court, Roy Jenkins Hall, University Hall Residences Manager
Residences - Aberconway Hall, Aberdare Hall, Colum Hell, Hodge Hall, Gordon Hall, Student Houses, Senghennydd Court and Hall Residences Manager
Sport - University Sports Training Village, Talybont; University Fitness and Squash Centre, Senghennydd Road; Centre Manager
Sport - University Sports Fields, Llanrumney Grounds Manager

Stage 2: Formal

Formal complaints should be raised to the Director of Campus Facilities within 14 days of date of stage two response or for complaints of a serious nature within 28 days of the issue occurring.

Complaints should be raised by completing the customer complaint form and emailing it to the Director of Campus Facilities:

Director of Campus Facilities
c/o Administrator

The University aims to resolve the complaint within 52 calendar days.

Review of decision

Student customers who are unhappy with the outcome of the formal complaint decision are able to request that the decision is reviewed in line with the University Student Complaint Procedure.

Student customers are registered students of Cardiff University or former students (within 28 days of their formal leaving date).

Codes of Practice

The University is required to belong to a government approved code have signed up to the Student Accommodation Code of Practice which protects students' rights to safe, good quality accommodation. It outlines everything you should expect from your university or college accommodation as well as your responsibilities as a tenant. This includes the following promises:

  1. A healthy, safe environment.
  2. Timely repairs and maintenance.
  3. A clean, pleasent living environment.
  4. A formal, contractual relationship with your landlord.
  5. Access to health and wellbeing services.
  6. A living environment free from anti-social behaviour.

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