Your rights and responsibilities in halls


If you are staying at Liberty House or Liberty Cambrian Point, details about paying will be included in the information sent to you by Liberty Living once you have been allocated a place.

Fees for all other residences, as well as most of the associated charges such as parking permits, are payable by one of the following methods:

  • Credit/debit card in full in advance or on arrival
  • Direct debit from a UK Bank Account (payable in a maximum of three instalments on set dates, depending on your residential period). Please note: this Direct Debit covers residences fees and associated charges only. You will need to complete a separate mandate for your tuition fees.

A couple of weeks before each payment date you will be emailed a payment advice advising you of the date and the amount that will be taken by Direct Debit for that instalment.

This enables you to ensure there are sufficient funds in the account. This will be emailed to your Cardiff University email address and also to any other email address we hold for you. It is important for you to check your email accounts regularly.

Please note some email providers may treat the email as spam, so please check your spam/junk mail folder as well as your inbox.

If you anticipate difficulty paying your residences fees, for example, as a result of the late arrival of your Student Loan or because you receive a stipend or a monthly NHS Bursary, then you must contact CSERV Finance on (029) 2087 5239 or 4662 or 6367 immediately.

Health and Safety

Your Residential Terms & Conditions state that you must not bring into, use or trade any unlawful drugs or other illegal substances within University premises, including University Residences.

Breaching this policy may result in the termination of your Residences Agreement. In addition, if in the reasonable opinion of the University it is appropriate to do so, it will be dealt with under the University’s Student Disciplinary Procedure, which may, depending upon the seriousness of the breach, result in the student’s expulsion from the University.

Residential Terms and Conditions

Please click here to view the Terms and Conditions of taking up residence in University Halls.