Transferring or leaving halls early

Room Transfers and Swaps

If you are not happy with your accommodation or find it unsuitable, please speak to your Residences Management Team as they may be able to assist in resolving any problems you are experiencing.

You can request to move to an alternative room within University residences. Please be aware that this is subject to vacancies being available and therefore we are unable to guarantee this. An administration fee of £20 is payable to cover any costs involved.

  • From early October to November there is an online system for requesting a transfer. For further information, please see Transfer Process 2016/2017 here.
  • From mid January onwards, requests for a transfer should be made direct to your Residences Management Team.

Please note: transfer requests are usually on hold during December and early January as we are allocating rooms to new students arriving in the spring semester.

If you are able to find a suitable student to do a direct room change with you, you can approach a member of the Residences Management Team to discuss this at any time after the start of the residential period. Please note, you must not move rooms without the approval of the Residences Manager.

Leaving early

If you are withdrawing from your course of study and will no longer be a student at Cardiff University, you will be released from your Residences Agreement. You will need to complete your withdrawal request at SIMS and inform your Residences Manager.

You will be liable for residences fees until all your belongings have been cleared and your key has been returned to your Residences Manager or your official withdrawal date, whichever is the latter.

In order to be fair to other students, it is only in exceptional circumstances that are beyond the control of the resident (e.g. a serious medical condition or disability that is affected by your accommodation) that we have the discretion to release students from their Residences Agreement early.

If you feel you have exceptional circumstances that you would like considered, such as a medical condition or a disability, please complete a Release Request Form 2016/2017 and hand it to your Residences Manager. You will need to attach supporting evidence to your form for consideration.

When your stay at the halls of residence comes to an end there are certain expectations of you and tasks you will have to complete before vacating the property. To check out what these are, please click here.