Help if Homeless

In exceptional cases, some students may find themselves homeless. Student Advice can signpost you to support services which may be able to help. You don’t have to be living on the street to be homeless. You may be sleeping on a friend’s sofa, staying in a hostel, or living in overcrowded or unsuitable accommodation.

If you’re homeless, or going to be homeless soon, you should get emergency housing advice. Getting advice could help you to keep your current home, or could help you find somewhere to stay as quickly as possible. An adviser may be able to contact accommodation providers, such as hostels, on your behalf. An advice agency can also tell you if you have rights to get help from the council housing department or whether social services can give you any assistance. Shelter Cymru provide advice on a number of housing issues and are able to assist you in finding emergency accommodation.

If you do unfortuntately find yourself in a situation where you are going to be homeless, phone Shelter Cymru’s expert housing advice helpline on 0345 075 5005 to talk to a housing adviser who can:

  • explain your rights
  • tell you your options
  • tell you what (if anything) is available in your area.

If you have nowhere to sleep tonight, or may be in that situation in the coming days, we would advise you to get in touch with us as soon as possible. There are a number of options you may be able to look at including Cardiff Council who can provide advice, and in some cases emergency housing.

For any additonal advice on housing or emergency accommodation please visit Shelter Cymru's website here.

Another option available is short term accommodation provided by Cardiff University in halls of residence.

Please contact Residences for more information on this.

Accomodation office

Liberty Living also provide summer accommodation if you find yourself without somewhere to live over the summer period. Please click here to find out more information about this.

Please remember, Student Advice is more than happy to assist you in circumstances like this, and if we are unable to help, we will help you find the people who can.