Victim of Crime

If you have been a victim of crime or have been affected by it indirectly, there is support available for you in the local area.  South Wales Victim Focus is a service run by the national, independent charity Victim Support and is available to anyone who has been affected by Crime. See below to find out what the service can offer.

  • Free and confidential service
  • All types of crime- low end to high risk cases (Burglary, Assault to Domestic Abuse)
  • Advocacy, Information provision, onward referrals, security items.
  • Do not have to report to the police to gain our support, even if the police do not take any further action on a case we can still support
  • Assist victims to complete criminal injuries compensation form
  • Listening service providing emotional support
  • Start to end case management
  • Local team service delivery
  • No time limit on support
  • Victim centred approach; focusing on those victims who are more vulnerable. Focusing on the effects of crime and not the type of crime.
  • Support for anyone indirectly affected by crime, i.e. family, friends.

There is no expectation that students should be reporting a crime or going through court proceedings. Equally if a student is reporting/going through court proceedings, then they can offer telephone and face to face support for the duration of this time. They are open Monday to Friday, will respond to emails promptly, and can usually offer support to within 48 hours.  They also work closely with SARC and South Wales Police, so can effectively signpost students when needed. With consent, they can also feedback information to us if they believe students will need support with extenuating circumstances, accommodation or other adjustments.




Phone - 0300 3030 161

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