Safety Net Policy

Cardiff University first announced a principle that no student should be disadvantaged in terms of their achievement as a result of the disruption in the 2019/20 academic year.


In order to apply this principle, the University created a Safety Net Policy to be administered by Examining Boards. This policy was updated for the 2021/21 academic year. 


Safety Net Policy 2019/20

Safety Net Policy 2020/21


There have been no further updates to the Safety Net Policy. The latest Safety Net Policy strictly applies to: 


  • All taught students in 2020/21 with the exception of classification of degrees.
  • "Classification of degrees" applies to those who started their final year in 2020/21 or a later academic year.
  • "Classification of degrees" included in the 2019/20 safety net policy applies if you started your final year in 2019/20.


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