Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby

What is Touch Rugby? 

Touch rugby is the third most popular form of Rugby with over 25,000 participants in the UK and played in over 75 countries worldwide. The game is fun, fast-paced and great for fitness but easy to learn and inclusive. Being a mixed sport, no more than 3 boys are allowed on the pitch at once in a team of 6. Because of how quick the game is, Touch has rolling substitutions meaning that everyone in a 14 person squad will get plenty of game time every game.  

Touch is also emerging at the univeristy level with over 30 teams competing in the 2019/2020 University National Touch Series, in which the university finished 8th overall and the 1st team, Cardiff Dragons, finished 12th overall - the highest in Wales!


   UNTS rankings by Team 2019-20                           UNTS rankings by University 2019-20

   11th   Exeter Monsoon - 56                                         7th   Cambridge - 66

   12th  Cardiff Dragons - 52                                        8th   Cardiff - 52 

   13th   Bath Chickens - 49                                             9th   Southampton - 47 

   14th - Southampton Storm - 47                               10th  Edinburgh - 35


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  • Sunday Invitational - 17th October£2.00
  • *SLIDERS*£20.00