Wildlife and Conservation Society

Come join us and spend the day giving back to nature! These events also count towards the John Muir Award, an environmental award running annually.

WildSoc offers monthly conservation events to Forest Farm Nature Reserve.

It is only a short train ride away - from Cathays to Radyr. This reserve has a range of habitats suitable for many species of wildlife from birds, such as Herons and Kingfishers, along the canal, to the invertebrates and small mammals found within the Beech and Oak woodland. Our society works closely with the maintenance crew to help preserve this beautiful area of Cardiff. We have been involved in clearing, planting, live-plant fencing, digging and learning about the history of the area. 

In the past, we have also organised trips to Howardian Local Nature Reserve, Coed y Bedw woods and Bute Park.

In addition, working with the Urban Buzz Project and the Pharmacology building (Redwood) we have been granted access to lay down flowers and planted a herb garden to attract pollinators for the spring. We have built a bee bank ready for use by many wild bees for several years to come.










Preparing the ground by the Redwood building before laying down the flower seeds.

Planting a herb garden to attract pollinators in the Spring, with a variety of herbs such as chives, rosemary and lavender. 

Building the bee bank by the Redwood Building. A very excited WildSoc member posing in front of it!

We also built another much larger bee bank in Hailey Park! (7 tonnes!)

Preparing areas in Bute Park before meadow planting. Thanks to the Bat Club for inviting us! 

In Coed y Bedw we worked around a large area where we cut down hazel trees to clear areas, allow sun to come in and promote growth of other plants. We also used the chopped up trees to create habitat piles for the native invertebrates.