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Cardiff Gaming Society

Cardiff’s Gaming Society aims to bring those with common interests in gaming together. We offer the chance to meet on a weekly basis where you can play some games and socialise along the way, be it through our many consoles, PC and VR, with the added benefit of some cheap pizza.

We have a wide variety of systems and games and are open to requests from members who want to play a particular game. Among our mellow events, we wish to create more memorable moments this year, and strive to achieve this through our tournaments, weekly meets and our big events of the year!

Online Events

Every Friday 6pm-9pm we host a different multiplayer game for our members to play. This can include Jackbox, Gmod, Fall Guys and more! This is our day for different games, so if you have a game that’s easy to get into or doesn’t cost much or that most of our members have, we can run an event for it.

These events will be continuing after restrictions lift albeit with a schedule change.

Weekly LAN

(Depending on COVID restrictions) Every Friday until the exam season, we hold our “Weekly LAN”. For those interested in console games, we are able to set up multiple stations, whether it be on the projectors for groups of people, or monitors for you and a friend. A typical sesh involves games like Smash Ultimate and Mario Kart (games we think are easy to join in), but don’t be afraid to see what games we have in stock as we are flexible in what people want to play. A classic shooter, a racing game, a fighter, just ask.

If the console games aren't your scene, then no fear, with the many students that join, the odds are in your favour that you’ll find someone who plays similar games. To further ease this process, checkout the Facebook group and/or the discord to connect with others. We book large rooms to accommodate for those bringing laptops in regards to our weekly LAN.

Other Events

As mentioned in the main description, we wish to hold some general events, as a way to form new relations and provide a true society experience. Future events will be promoted through our social platforms.


Gaming Society:


If you are here to get help with setting up your console or pc on the internet, go to or check out the useful info channel of our discord.

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  • Gaming Society Standard Membership£5.00


Gassy's Pub Quiz
15th October 7pm - 11pm
Gassys pub
Time for gamer hours at Gassys!


  • GIAG LAN (Local Area Network) Thu 26 Jan 2017 - General£0.00
  • Are you among us? - Give it a Go Fri 25 Sep 2020 - Give it a Go£0.00
  • Jackbox Games and other stuff - Give it a Go Fri 2 Oct 2020 - Give it a Go£0.00
  • Esports Teams Tryout Events - GIAG Sat 10 Oct 2020 - Give it a Go£0.00