Biomimicry Society

Innovation inspired by nature
The practice of imitating life

We are a new society curious about biomimicry. We are going to touch on topics such as biology, architecture, design, engineering, politics, ecology, sustainability, systems theory, overpopulation and consumerism. To practice biomimicry would be to look at resource scarcity, climate change, biodiversity loss and the reasons why these things aren’t in public focus nowadays.
We want to leave this planet in a shape which would be suitable for future generations. It is an obligation to conduct ourselves so that we leave to the future the option or the capacity to be as well off as we are, given that we can. A sustainable world already exists and to not make use of the knowledge that we have of it is wasteful and impractical. One thing we should be doing is to find economically and technically viable sustainable energy solutions.

What we are going to do:

  • Start off with a couple of introductory lectures
  • Lectures, videos, articles, books etc – discussion sessions in order to deepen our understanding of how biomimicry is linked to other disciplines
  • Camping - delving and connecting to nature
  • Visiting sites - where biomimicry has been practiced
  • Actual practice – small projects where practice applying mechanism in nature to human artefacts 
  • Model a city which functions like an organism

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