Embroidery & Sewing Society

By becoming part of this community, you’ll get to learn and develop your embroidery and sewing skills. We hope to be able to share tips and ideas and learn from one another. We also aim to teach members about sustainable fashion and consumerism. By learning to embroider and sew, we hope to show people that they can create their own clothes (out of their own clothes, or through second-hand means such as charity shop clothes and fabrics) and therefore develop their own unique fashion tastes.

We’re hoping to host weekly zoom meetings/in-person meetings where we can all work on some embroidery or sewing pieces, chat with one another and hopefully some group project! Each week there will be different projects that we can work on. We want to be able to create a place where we can just relax, take a break and enjoy some peaceful embroidery/sewing. 

We’re welcoming people from all levels, whether you’re a pro or you’ve never picked up a needle before.

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  • Embroidery & Sewing Society Standard Membership£3.00