Skills Development

The Skills Development Department provides students with a range of training courses and sessions that are designed to build their confidence, improve transferable skills and increase employability. Our team is made up of full-time career staff and student peer trainers.

Typical Roles

Head of Training and Development

The Head of Training and Development manages the Skills Development Service and key responsibilities include curriculum management, quality assurance, delivering sessions, provision of externally-certified courses, supervising the training team and managing the budget.

Training and Development Coordinator

This role helps administer, deliver and facilitate the different sessions run by the Skills Development Service. It is the main point of contact for the Student Peer Trainers and works with them to make sure all our sessions run smoothly and effectively.

Student-Peer Trainer

We operate a small team of specially trained students who assist the department in delivering sessions in topics such as leadership, presentations, networking, teamwork and much more.


What we're looking for


First and foremost an interest in teaching/training plus an ability to get the best out of others. Gregarious and outgoing personalities are a must as the need to engage with others verbally and visually are integral to the role. We look for competent presenters and people willing to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. This is because some of the content we deliver is not necessarily simple and needs to be understood and delivered with real intent and passion. In addition to all of these outgoing traits, we look for patience and humility.