Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications Department has the exciting job of driving communication between our organisation and our 30,000+ student members. We're also responsible for marketing the great things that Cardiff University Students' Union does in a creative and innovative way. 

How do we do that? By being a hub of creativity and marketing intelligence, a champion of new communication technology, a protector of the brand, a guardian of the reputation of CUSU and a supporter of Cymraeg. We engage with our students, collaborate with them and involve them in what we do. We also make sure we’re communicating with them how they want, where they want and when they want. We never settle for “ok” or “that will do”; we strive for excellence in every project and task. 

Typical Roles

Graphic Designer

Our Graphic Design Team work on everything from event advertising, marketing campaign concepts and video content, to branding and signage. They produce engaging design that portrays the organisation and brand in a consistent and exciting way.

Welsh Language Coordinator

This role provides a high-quality translation service and communicates directly with Welsh language students and stakeholders through social media platforms, website and email. They also make sure we comply with the Welsh Language Policy.

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Creativity is important for this role which drives digital communication on social media, website and email. Responsibilities include creating video content and analysing engagement and impact to develop targeted messages to our key student segments.


What we're looking for


The Marketing and Communications Team is a busy and exciting place to work, so you will need to be comfortable with dealing with lots of projects and planning your own time. Attention to detail is very important, we’re looking for people with excellent copy writing and proof reading skills, creative and imaginative designers and passionate Welsh language speakers. Most importantly, we’re looking for people who will always strive for excellence. We are very proud of the work we produce and we want you to feel the same.