WPSA Pharmaceutical Society

WPSA Pharmaceutical Society

At WPSA, primarily a course based society (Pharmacy), we aim to improve the university lives of our members. We achieve this by socials, sports teams and our annual ball. The society is a great way for our members to integrate with other students on our course and get a helping hand during their MPharm degree. We’ve developed a reputation as having some of the biggest and messiest socials around including a Pharmacy related photo pubcrawl, a Labcoat social with a prescription of challenges and our annual pub quiz! Our secondary aim is to raise money for our chosen charity each year, raising around £4000 each year.  Our chosen charity for this year is 'MIND' Cardiff' and we will hopefully produce a large donation to present at our annual ball in 2016 (exclusive discounts to WPSA members!).

Speak to friends in the years above and see why joining WPSA is such a valuable experience!

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  • WPSA Pharmaceutical Society 1 Year Membership£7.00
  • WPSA Pharmaceutical Society 2 Year Membership£13.00
  • WPSA Pharmaceutical Society 3 Year Membership£19.00
  • WPSA Pharmaceutical Society Until Graduation Membership£24.00